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I have created a program to save you money on your training.

I have maintained a single purpose throughout time: to create effective, bite-sized, online training for students. Today, I incorporate “affordable” into that purpose.

With this All Access Pass you can choose any training course, at any time, from anywhere, on any device. The All Access Pass provides access to my entire course collection. It includes, all current courses and every new course added as they become available.

Never pay for another business training course. Take them all whenever you want.

When you select a training course from the catalog it will instantly become available in your “My-Courses” list, it will not be removed, and you can go back again and again as you see fit.

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Alan Summers Collections


Are you ready to learn the skills you need to start succeeding?

These training courses will provide you with high-definition video instruction. Most are divided into individual modules so you can go back, again and again, targeting any specific material whenever you need to and as often as you like.

Courses includes these learning materials*:

  • HD Video Instruction
  • Related Learning Materials
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • On-the-Go Audiobook

*Bonus collections may contain different learning materials.

Some highlights into these exclusive collections...

Whether you want to improve your personal skill-sets or become a training expert, each collection comes full of individually curated courses. Of course, you with receive new courses, as they are added to the specific collection.  

Each collection includes:

  • Multiple courses related to specific skill set development
  • Entire collection of courses included
  • New courses automatically added to collections
  • Each collection provides a one-of-a-kind learning experience
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Alan Summers Collections

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is a new line of premium multi-faceted business training courses, each is individually curated, intelligently crafted and beautifully designed, providing a comprehensive learning exploration into the essentials of business for both online and/or brick and mortar organizations.

As we embrace an ever-changing market, we will continue to deliver best-in-class course content that improves the entire learning experience, from beginning to end. This philosophy guarantees you an engaging online environment that delivers you the skills you need to achieve your full potential.

A Sampling of Signature Collection Courses

Professional Series

Throughout the years I have been asked for training to make the business professional, manager, supervisor and their employees become the best they can be.

The Professional Collection Series provides some of the most elegant, high-quality, and advanced business training content ever produced. Each course provides the training most asked for by the busy professional who demands quick, on-demand learning on fundamental business topics.

This collection has been crafted with that in mind. Each course in the collection delivers the best high quality, bite-sized, fundamental business training each and every time.

A Sampling of Professional Series Courses

Mastermind Series

The Mastermind Series is a brand-new line of premium, gorgeous, high production quality training courses specifically for online business professionals and internet marketers.

Alan, utilizing the creatives team at Vistics Media, has successfully incorporated features not used by most e-learning platforms. These new methods enhance visual cortex processing for a deeper visual learning experience.

To make things just a bit more exciting, each course in this collection include additional cinematic features with a live video background behind our expert to further enhance learning outcomes.

A Sampling of Mastermind Series Courses

Video Coaching Series

This Video Coaching Collection Series could just be the one thing you need to finally start seeing real results in your online business.

My team and I have created this powerful "Over-the-Shoulder Video Coaching". This collection and each of its courses will solve the biggest problem ever. Providing you with the training and necessary tools to get people to buy from you as opposed to your competitor.

The courses in my Video Coaching Collection Series incorporate stunning graphics and animations. No more boring death by PowerPoint.

A Sampling of Video Coaching Courses

Learn and Improve Your Skills.

Advance Your Career and Earning Potential.

As we embrace the ever-changing e-learning marketplace, we continue to deliver best-in-class course content that improves the entire learning experience, from beginning to end. Our philosophy guarantees an engaging online environment that delivers students the skills they need to achieve their full potential.

Fast Action Bonus
Specialty Builders Collection

This collection provides targeted training for skillset mastery specifically within the Internet Marketing niche and every course has been crafted with that in mind.

Today, the internet is used for just about everything we do – communication, learning, entertainment, and shopping. Internet marketing (also known as online marketing, digital marketing, e-marketing, or web marketing) is an all-inclusive term used to describe marketing activities conducted online.

For this reason, internet marketing encompasses a wide range of strategies and tactics.


Surefire Builders

This collection is different than our other collections. This is a series of 100% downloadable, knowledge building, online business management essentials.

This collection brings you stunning reports and planners plus the tips and tools required to elevate your niche authority in no-time flat. The Surefire Builders are ready-to-publish, brand and monetize content packs, with reports and planners all wrapped up in done-for-you packages. You can use these to grow your audience and create your own products.

The Surefire Builders collection is an in-demand, curated collection, specifically developed for the motivated self-learner.



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