Offline Fortunes

The Offline Fortunes program will tell you everything you need to know to set yourself up in business as an offline marketer, from what companies are looking for, to how to set your prices to step by step business models you can use to earn from.

By now, you are curious what you will learn in your step by step video course ...

Video 1 - Introduction - 09:20
Understand why offline marketing is such a great business model, even in the current bad economic climate. See what you will learn in this program.

Video 2 - Doing Business Offline - 12:49
Learn what is it like to do business offline. Understand how offline marketing differs from marketing online and how to quickly adapt to this new market

Video 3 - What Do They Want? - 17:06
Understand what offline companies are looking from you. Learn 6 things every offline company is desperate to have

Video 4 - Monetization Methods - 11:06
Learn the many ways to monetize your offline business. And see how your knowledge will turn into dollars.

Video 5 - Getting Business - 11:20
Learn what it takes to get business offline. And what you need to do to get companies eating out of your hand.

Video 6 - Simple Business Model - 10:34
See a simple business model you can use to make money offline which works incredibly well in any market. Let me share with you one of my sample videos (in the quality you will receive them - notice they are a good size and quite easy to see what is going on - not some postage stamp sized grainy video)

Video 7 - Offline Niche Marketing - 08:08
Discover two powerfully effective techniques which can get companies literally biting your arm off for you to do business with them.

Video 8 - Offline Marketing Method - 09:31
Learn a simple offline marketing method that you can use to easily create a passive income that will increase every month.

Video 9 - Pricing Your Services - 14:20
Overcome the biggest problem many marketers face when trying to start an offline business. See some of the prices that companies are paying for your services.

Video 10 - Making It Succeed - 09:28
Learn what you need to do to succeed as an offline marketer. Get some great advice for making your offline business work.

Video 11 - Summary - 07:02
Understand what you need to do know to go forwards. And how you can make your very own offline fortune. And of course, I can't leave you with just that when there is even more value, I can give you.

Offline Fortunes