Consultation Riches

Understand that being a consultant is a self-employed business, and that means you are depending on your own time and effort. But with my system, you will leverage your time and effort in exchange for high returns, earn more bang for the buck... all with less time and less effort!

Here's A Sneak Peek into The Course...

Video 1 - Introduction to Your Consulting Business
In this video, we will kick start this video course. In it you will learn how the Secret Consulting Riches system works so you can implement it easily. You will also learn the exact tools that we use and that also can use to setup your Consulting business successfully.

Video 2 - Determine Your Skills / What You're Good At
Before you get started, you need to think about all the different skill sets you have. Basically, I’m going to help you find what you are good at. “But what if I’m not good at anything?” I highly doubt that.

Everyone is good at something that can be monetized and there’s a buyer’s market out there for every skill. In fact, believe it or not, there is someone out there that wants to learn what you are good at. Now, you do not need to figure out what you are providing just yet. We are just in the brainstorm process now.

Video 3 - Research Your Market and Competition
You need to figure out if there is truly a buyer's market... and if so, what kind of competition in the consulting world, you face? The more competition, the better. However, you do not want too much competition, you only want enough, because that tells you that there is a buyer’s market. Think about it - if there was not any competition, most likely there is not a big enough buyer’s market for you to make good money. So, we will show you how to not only research your market but see whether the area you want to go into is profitable or not!

Video 4 - Brainstorming: Figuring Out Your Services
You will learn how to dig deeper and take the skill sets you listed and figure out what kind of services and consulting services you can offer. This will allow you to figure out what you will offer, how you will help your customers, and how you will make money.

Video 5 - Create an Outline and Create Your Services
Once you have done the proper brainstorming in video #5, it is time to create a detailed outline of your services and create them. Templates are the key to this, so we will talk about how to plan your services, create templates and checklists to help you and your customers.

Video 6 - Create and Setup Your Websites
By now, you have your service in hand, it is time to put it up on a landing page or a website. In this video you will learn how to create and setup your landing pages / websites that will allow you to build your list and gather leads and communicate with them.

Video 7 - Pre-Launching Phase - How to Build Curiosity
Before you launch your consulting gig, you need to build up curiosity. One of the biggest reasons why launches fail is because no curiosity has been built up. While this not required, this method will work as it is time tested.

Video 8 - Marketing: Find Out Where Your Clients Are Hiding
By now you have the system in place, however it is time to market your consulting gig and services. It's time to find out where your clients are hiding and get them connected to you. If you have done the proper research in this system, then you will learn how to get clients quickly and easily!

Secret Consulting Riches is a step-by-step system to jumpstart your consulting business that generates big paydays!

Consultation Riches