Think about the last time that you went to visit the gas station. You stopped off to fill up your car with gas and as you were pumping, you noticed that there was a sign saying that if you pump at least $10 worth of gas, you can get a free cup of coffee when you grab a donut. Or maybe it just had an ad saying hey, get a coffee and donut at a discount inside.

Perhaps you visited and you grabbed a bunch of floor cleaner. Then you got a suggestion from Amazon to add to your cart a mop or some other cleaning materials.

In both of these cases, while you may not realize it, you just experienced a sales funnel. Sales funnels have been around for a long time, but they became a buzz word just a few years ago. At their core, they capitalize on human psychology.

The idea is quite simple – when you’re in a buying mood, you are that much more likely to decide to buy something else – you’ve already gone and grabbed your wallet and pulled out your credit card. Now that you’ve gone and bought one thing, why not buy this extra which will complement your purchase?

This is the magic of a sales funnel and it’s one of the most powerful methods there is to really make serious money.

In this course, we’re going to discuss what makes for a successful sales funnel and the best ways to create what are called congruent sales funnels.