Congratulations – your business is expanding and getting ready to hire new staff. Now what? You need to know how to hire people correctly in order to ensure that you comply with labor laws where you are based and to ensure that you hire the right people. The fact is that hiring the wrong staff can be a massive disaster for a small startup business.

Hiring staff means accepting someone into your company’s trust who is going to be charged, more often than not with being the public face of your business. This means that you need to more than just look at a resume when a potential employee comes into your offices.

If for example the employee will be handling cash, it’s important to run a background check to ensure that this is someone you can trust. The same is true if the employee may be left alone for long periods of time with valuable equipment, especially if there are no cameras in the facility.

However, beyond the obvious, it’s important as well to do your due diligence with a potential employee to ensure that they will be a good fit for your company. 

Finally, it’s important when hiring to ask probing questions. Just because someone went to Yale or Harvard for example, does not mean that the person has the knowledge and skill needed to do the job you have in mind.