If you’ve ever heard of the term neuro-linguistic programming, you may well be forgiven for thinking that it’s a technique used by some psychologists and social workers. That’s because the technique was originally created for that profession. However, in this course, we’re going to focus on how it can be used very effectively to increase your sales numbers.

So how does that work in practical terms? Well, NLP as it’s generally abbreviated works by focusing on three specific questions. The first is, what do you want from your own life? In other words, what is it that you hope to accomplish? This is a relatively simple question, but it forces us to actually sit down and think about things. Instead of a nebulous “I want a good life” response, we need to think of specific things that we want out of life.

The second question is, what’s holding you back from getting those things? So again, it’s a matter of making an honest list and figuring out what specifically is holding you back. This is not difficult, but the point is to get you to think critically about your problems in life.

Finally, you are asked, how do you make the problems go away and get what you want in life?