What does Kris Kringle have to do with anything? Is it Christmas? Well, depending on when you watch this video, it may be, but it doesn’t really matter because for our purposes, Kris Kringle is relevant year-round. In fact, it’s a whole lot more relevant if you see it when it’s not Christmas time. What? How could that be? Well, it’s because it makes you stop and think. It makes you wonder – what the heck is going on?

That in a nutshell is the whole point of pattern interrupts. We have a particular way of looking at the world. We tend to think that certain things should happen at given times and so we largely ignore them. Think for a moment about your average day – it’s very likely that you drive to work or take public transportation. It’s boring and routine.

Now imagine that instead of just driving to work on the freeway and getting to work with a minimum of hassle, you are driving along and suddenly, a kid on a skateboard jumps out in front of your car. You slam on the breaks and your heart is pounding – you have suddenly been jarred from your complacency. You have now had your pattern interrupted.

In these lessons, we’ll be discussing more about the types of pattern interrupts that you can use and how they can be powerful methods to do your marketing work. It's time to get started.