One of the most important skills that any marketer can have is to create a good quality press release. A press release may seem like an anachronism in today’s world of SEO, blog posts and more but it is actually an incredibly important tool for marketing and can be especially powerful for small businesses.

Many people find writing a press release intimidating because they feel as if they are being a phony when creating them. After all, a press release is designed to look very much like a news article and many people wonder why they would ‘report’ on themselves. However, it’s important to realize that press releases serve a vital function for news organizations and they are quite grateful when they receive well put together press releases.

News organizations have reporters whose job it is to find out information and report the news. However, they often don’t have the resources to send reporters to far flung places to find out about interesting developments that their readers or viewers may wish to know about. Thus, they rely on press releases from businesses to keep them informed of the latest developments in their industry.

In this course, you’ll learn the basic format of a press release, how to come up with appropriate quotes for a press release and what kind of stories are going to be considered truly newsworthy so that news organizations would be interested in publishing them.